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January 11, 2011

The only kind of pastels I like are oil pastels!

Let's get one thing straight- I HATE PASTEL COLORS! Please do not paint your walls any shade of light blue or green- unless you live by the sea and then it is only for the guest bathroom...

So Please refrain from any thing that looks like the following

This all comes about because my brother is buying a house (yey!) and today while my mom was helping him pick paint colors he said "Mom this this isn't Sophie's house"- meaning stop picking wonderful colors, I am sticking with drab neutrals. Well- those probably weren't his words, but that's what he meant in my head.

Someday when I decide to move out of my parents house (which probs won't be any time soon because I have a pretty sweet deal here) I will have a wonderful house with bright and bold colors- I will paint the walls colors I love and buy wonderful furniture- and if you ask me, it doesn't matter if it matches! It is all about surrounding yourself with beautiful things you love! Yes, yes, I know my mom will come in and somehow tie everything I love together and make it look like it matches- she has that natural talent!

So in the meantime I have started a list of things I love and want someday for my house...

1. I will most definitely have an upholstered headboard- like this one I found on myhomeideas.com

I LOVE the color and shape of this one!

2. Furniture with bright floral fabric- like loveseat over at thelovelist.net

It is so happy and fun!

3. I LOVE anything mustard colored so I would like to have things such as....
this sofa at Anthro

this rug at Anthro

or this storage piece from over at countryliving.com

4. I LOVE colored glass, therefore my house will be filled with it!

like these blue glasses I found on esty.com

and pink depression glass like this

And I already have some of this from my grandma's house!

These are only a few of the things I LOVE out of a long list- more later on other things I love! and I guess on some crafts I have been doing too!

Bye for now!


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